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The 20 Most Popular Homes in Dwell


When compiling the list of the 20 most popular modern homes featured throughout Dwell's 12-year history, certain themes began to surface: small space projects, renovations, unconventional living situations, and crisp, Spartan interiors. Click through for a look at the projects, ranging in scope from prefab prototypes to communal living and more.

One North Face tent sits atop a deck; another caps the main building, which contains a kitchen and dining area.
As his parents look on, Apolo plans his commute under a fire-top piece by the artist Michael Ricardo Andreev and...
When it’s time to eat or do homework, the adults lower the tabletop, revealing a dozen book cubbies.
After meals are made, the sliding doors hide the anodized aluminum Miele fixtures, creating a clean, uncluttered look.
Bob Krone and Paula van Dijk go for a walk while Lucas and Jillis Noordhoek lounge on the grass.
The materials palette that I chose is light in color with a few splashes of color.
Visitors enter through a narrow staircase, visible here as a slit to the right of the courtyard.
New Grass...
In the new kitchen, taking maximum advantage of the southern exposure was key.
The private site allowed for generous windows and decks, but the Res 4 design could be adapted to...
The curving glass and steel wall, designed by Deam and executed by Sand Studios, is a tour de force of engineering and...
The stainless steel Bulthaup kitchen “cost as much as a small house,” said Spiekermann, though he did get a discount:...
The dining area is bright and airy, thanks to the skylight-topped hole cut in the center of the structure.
H2O Architectes used curvy cutouts in the space’s central column to draw the eye around its corners.
Karen White, David MacNaughtan, and their sons, Griffin and Finlay, hang out on the front deck, which lines up next to...
Having lived, he says, in “a number of houses where the living room is the most adorned and the least used,” it was...
The sliding pocket wall opens to reveal Series 7 chairs by Arne Jacobsen.
The ladder, created by Peyton Avrett, is an unorthodox way to the upstairs, and it also serves as a fire escape since...
The concrete wall mimics the slope of the hill outside as a reference to early Maori structures that were dug into the...
The reading corner can be turned into an extra bed.
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