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The 10 Best-Designed Speakers For at Home and On-the-Go


For our first-ever smart home issue, audio expert Bill Leebens recapped more than one hundred years of sound technology. As an encore, we bring you 10 modern speakers that pair top acoustic performance with elegant design.

Core by Mass Fidelity,...
OD-11 by Stig Carlsson, Lars Lallerstedt, and Jesper Kouthoofd for Teenage Engineering,...
BeoPlay A8 by Bang & Olufsen, $999.
805 by Braven, $200.
Big Jambox by Jawbone, $299.
The Beam by Fern and Roby, $4,500.
Prism by Lexon, $55.
UE Mini Boom by Logitech, $99.
Sound1 by 11+, $85.
Copenhagen by Vifa,...