Collection by Luke Hopping

Sustainable Second Homes


Therapeutic for the mind and the planet, these green getaways demonstrate how smart R&R balances comfort and conscientiousness.

The residents told the architects that they wanted a house that would invoke the idea of camping, by joining indoor and...
Though Bruce has thus far only managed a week or two here or there on the island, he's hoping to make it a more...
The carport stands apart from the home and is topped with Solar World’s Sun Module photovoltaic panels.
Two linked 1,000-square-foot pavilions are greater than a sum of their parts.
The Casa Cuatro sits above a 180-foot cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
Known as the Sunrise House, this architect's retreat just north of San Diego basks in California's most celebrated...
Anthony Pellecchia and Kathy Wesselman's careful site planning garnered a waterfront view at little cost to the trees.