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Stunning Modern Cabins and Hideouts in a New Book


There's no denying the appeal of a cozy retreat tucked into the wilderness. Cabins, a new tome from Taschen due out in November, surveys structures spanning a riverfront boathouse to a bungalow in Sri Lanka.

Philip Jodidio's Cabins (Taschen, November 2014) chronicles how architects have explored the concept of a minimal,...
A Norwegian boathouse by TYIN featured in Cabins (Taschen, 2014).
Cabanas no Rio Huts in Grândola, Portugal, by Aires Mateus as featured in Cabins (Taschen, 2014).
Renzo Piano's Diogene cabin on the Vitra campus in Switzerland, as published in Cabins (Taschen, 2014).
Estate Bungalow in Matugama, Sri Lanka, by Narein Perera as published in Cabins (Taschen, 2014).
“We wanted to make a delicate mark on the landscape, without blending into it outright,” says Andersson.