Collection by Zachary Edelson

Strange Salvaged Materials and Objects in Modern Homes


From World War II steel buoys to bowling lanes, these 8 modern dwellings feature some peculiar elements rooted in the past.

Layer by layer, this crumbling 18th-century flat in the middle of Barcelona found new life at the hands of architect...
Cor-Ten steel from a ship building yard clads the new structure, which connects via a glass “bridge” to a rebuilt stone...
The bespoke sideboard (hiding the stairway to the basement) and the kitchen table were both built from wood sourced...
The kitchen island is a mahogany museum display case containing the clients’ inherited snuff-box collection.
In their previous life, the boards were bleachers for a school sports stadium.
The upstairs bathroom was fitted with a skylight over the shower, adding light and spaciousness to the small room.
With exposed fir framing and clay plastered walls, the spacious dining room is the new social focus of the house.
Baba and Bradley descend the staircase leading to the second-floor entrance, located above an in-law rental unit.

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