Collection by William Harrison

Statement-Making Front Doors


Whether giving off an aura of mystery, fun, or hospitality, front doors determine our first impressions of a home. These entryways welcome you inside with some serious spunk.

No better way to test paint colors than to simply apply them.
The undulating white-cedar door is a replica of one Santiago admired at a sushi bar in Japan.
Gray-purple iron railings, a fuchsia and green wooden entry, and garage doors provide contrast to the white walls of...
Mandel mounted the fireplace in a blackened-steel frame, which echoes the window and door treatment on the house’s new...
The bright red front door forms a complete piece with the glass panel beside it, such that the entire piece pivots when...
A renovated 1960s Long Island beach bungalow features a sliding panel door with matte marine hardware that will allow...

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