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Starbucks Unveils Giant Roastery for Small-Batch Coffee in Seattle


Blocks away from its original store, Starbucks unveils a 15,000-square-foot facility dedicated to roasting and tasting small-batch beans.

The Roastery is located in 1920s building on Seattle's "Auto Row," an area formerly occupied by the city's car...
The space is dedicated to roasting the company's small-batch Reserve coffees, which are then distributed to Starbucks...
Reclaimed materials are used throughout the space, which is LEED certified.
The roasting will be done by two machines, the Probat G-120 Roaster and the Probat P25 Roaster.
95% of the materials and furnishings used in the Roastery are sourced from the United States.
This facility is the first of at least of 100 stores that will be fully dedicated to the brand's Reserve line.