Collection by David Glenn

Smarten Up Your Home in 2013


They say that home is where the heart is. And now your home can have a brain as well. Sound futuristic? Thanks to advances in smart technology, your home can be greener, safer, more secure, and just plain more enjoyable than you ever thought possible. So if you’re ready to live in the home of the future today, here’s a look at some new smart technologies to help you create a smarter home in 2013.

Article photo header images: The E+ Green Home in Seoul, South Korea designed by Unsangdong Architects. Photo by: Sergio Pirrone

Smart Locks–No need to carry house keys ever again. Or wonder if you locked the front door when you left for work.
Smart Lighting and Appliance Control–Imagine having full control of lighting and small appliances throughout your...
Smart Temperature Control–Like Goldilocks’ porridge we want the temperature of our homes to be just right, all the time.
Smart Security Cameras–Your smartphone camera is great for capturing all kinds of fun events and activities.
Smart Home Automation Systems–Call it the central control, the brain, the hub or what have you, a home automation...

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