Collection by Diana Budds

Sleek and Practical Smart Home Tech from Belkin at CES 2015


At CES 2015, Belkin announced new products for beefing up home security, resource efficiency, and peace of mind. "The WeMo sensors are designed to make the entire home smarter, more intuitive, and more contextually aware," Belkin stated in a release. The gadgets are expected to hit the market in the second half of 2015, but in the meantime, click through the slideshow to whet your appetite.

In a like-minded trend alongside Quirky's recent smart home launches, the sleek additions to the WeMo ecosystem...
The magnetic contact sensor in this gadget works on nearly any type of door or window in your home—refrigerator doors,...
More accurate than a motion detector, the WeMo Room Sensor detects heat to see if someone enters a space.
The drought on the west coast has made more people consicous of water consumption.
The WeMo Alarm sensor is designed to work with your existing, non-Internet controlled systems (like smoke or carbon...
The compact keychain sensor allows you to keep tabs on when family members come home (ie. kids returning from school).