Collection by Heather Corcoran

Skylight, Sky Bright: Get a Glimpse of These Awesome Oculi


Look up and see the sky through these stunning ceiling windows.

Space4Architects added a small circular skylight to serve as a vertical focal point in the center of the fifth floor of...
Briggs and Knowles based their design of the oculus on traditional Victorian skylights but tweaked it to fit a more...
The architects had to gain approval from the co-op board to break through to the roof—the loft is on the top floor—and...
Kaiser added ten inches of spray foam insulation between the exterior shell and the interior of the house.
Circular “sun disks” cut into the slanted roof create light shafts that move throughout the day, casting angular...
The living room is further lit by three protruding skylights angled to catch morning and afternoon light.
A Jutland, Denmark, house designed by Mette Nygaard and Morten Schmidt of the architecture firm Schmidt, Hammer &...
Though loads of natural light comes in from the courtyard, these large skylights also afford a view of the sky.
Eddy Uritani (or Uncle Eddy, as he’s known to Zane) did all the tile work in the kitchen and bathroom.

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