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Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Kitchen


While renters might not be able to rip out cabinets or excise egregious countertops, there are practical fixes that needn’t last longer than your lease. Deb Perelman, author of the food blog Smitten Kitchen, has encountered her share of cook space conundrums in the 14 years she’s been a New York City renter—insufficient storage, unsightly counters, and one kitchen that was a mere 42 square feet. Despite those challenges, she’s been able to make do with a few effective, affordable, and temporary solutions. “I look for things I can take with me to the next apartment,” she says. Here, Perelman shares her tips.

Perelman tells us: “My movable kitchen island provides me with additional counter space." She purchased hers from...
"Very ugly countertops are common," Perelman says.
“Get a hanging pot rack. It frees up more than one cabinet’s worth of space,” Perelman advises.
Margaret Oomen created the perfect pegboard sourcing inspiration—and got a can of chalkboard paint—from the aisles of...
We queried Perelman about her essential kitchen tools and one of the most versatile for her is a cast iron skillet.
"I think a dutch oven is a great thing to have, somewhere between five and seven quarts," Perelman says.
"I don't like traditional spatulas very much," Perelman says.
"I love metal tongs," Perelman says.
Geared to multigenerational users, the 13-piece line of bathroom or kitchen accessories by MAP Project Office for Sabi...
Mounting traditional wallpaper and undertaking painting projects can be laborious affairs.
Designed to stick to common kitchen and bath materials such as tile and glass, the Stugvik hook by IKEA (two for $10)...
Suitable for applications on vertical surfaces, Smart Tiles by Quinco & Cie Inc.