Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

Second Chances at SFO


One of the nicest parts of traveling through the San Francisco International Airport is its art gallery in Terminal 3. As I made my way to Las Vegas this week for Surfaces and Las Vegas Market (check back soon for slideshows highlighting the best from both), I took a stroll through the latest installation titled Second Chances: Folk Art Made from Recycled Remnants.

Past exhibits in this long space between moving walkways have included a tribute to Russell Wright and his ceramics...
Whereas in the United States we often use old license plates to decorate bars and grills, in many towns in Africa,...
Writer, inventor, and environmentalist Svein "Slim" Sirnes created a tool to cut aluminum cans into strips then...
Having recently read Christopher McDougall's Born to Run (which, among others, describes the Mexican tribe of...
Evoking images of the 50s as well as those of Project Runway challenges, this dress by Shelly Hedges was created with...
As kids, my sister and I used to punch holes into metal cans to make decorative tea-light holders.
Seattle-based artist Ross Palmer Beecher collects scrap metal and found objects to create what she calls wall quilts.
In Southeast Asia, the Hmong make baskets using strips of cane and bamboo.
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