Collection by Luke Hopping

Sculptural Staircases


It's a shame the spaces we pass through most—hallways, mudrooms, garages—often receive the least design consideration. These stunning staircases demonstrate passageways can be just as exciting as destinations.

The central, welded-iron staircase is the house’s most striking contemporary feature.
Architect Francesco Librizzi built the staircase for the Casa G project as a means to slow the ascent, to create...
A sweeping spiral staircase occupies the center of the self-supporting dome.
The open staircase includes a lot of glass and is a focal point of the home, says Niffenegger.
An intricately detailed staircase leads to the central wing’s second level.
A new staircase turns a corner at the large stone chimney, an element of the original house that the designers were...