Collection by Diana Budds

Scavolini's Flagship Store Opens in Soho


Italian kitchen design powerhouse Scavolini recently opened up a 10,000-square-foot flagship store in Soho, their very first in the United States. The 15 vignettes inside reflect Scavolini at its best: high-end contemporary minimalist kitchens that showcase the power of line, proportion, color, and detail. One of the most remarkable aspects of the kitchens is the use of textures and materials—rich wood, sleek glass, and stainless steel abound in the showroom, creating truly covetous spaces. Here we share a few glimpses of today's grand opening.

Scavolini’s new showroom is located at 429 W Broadway, between Prince and Spring streets.
The fire-engine-red Flux kitchen unabashedly uses color to draw people into the store.
Bold accents—like the wallpaper in the Tess kitchen—interject personality into the kitchens while maintaining a...