Collection by Diana Budds

Say No to Bland Walls with These 10 Standout Artworks


If your walls could talk, they’d say “hang something nice on us!” From prints to one-of-a-kind artworks, these ten items are standouts.

Artworks by Esther Stewart, price upon request.
Sun Chaser print by Andrew Holder for Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., $65–$158.
Biddew Noir Sublime by Johanna Bramble for St. Frank, $2,250.
Boob print by Wary Meyers, $45.
House A3 by Kristina Dam Studio, $130.
House on the Rock by Drew Tyndell, $1,700.
Sedum #1 by Klein Reid for Room & Board, $499.
Twilight Hues 1 by Mimi Jung, $4,900.
Eames Three print from House Industries, $50.
Small Talk print by One Must Dash, $56–$88.