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Rock the Shack: Cabin Love


Sometimes the only thing getting us through the day is the dream of an escape—from work, from the city, from our day-to-day. Whether it's snow-filled windows and hot chocolate tickling your fancy or flip flops and a couple cold ones you crave, we’ll get your daydreaming started with 15 images of pure relaxation from the newly released Rock the Shack. The cottages, tree houses, cabins, and shelters featured in the hefty tome will take your dreams and turn them up to 11. Featuring standout projects from architects across the world, click through for a slideshow to quell your vacation thirst. Click here to find out more information on Rock the Shack. And if our preview doesn't fill your cabin-lusting quota, the old standby Cabin Porn is still churning out new lustful abodes daily.

Rock the Shack: The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hide-Outs. Edited by Sven Ehmann, Sofia Borges.
Transformer or beach hut? Positioned in a coastal erosion zone, this holiday retreat for a family of five is completely...
These custom-built colorful cabins allow lifeguards to maintain a watchful eye over beachgoers in style.
Those seeking isolation and inspiration to tackle their work need look no further.
A white-filled (not to mention light-filled) interior bring the minimalist design inside. Newfoundland, Canada.
Livable sculpture at its finest.
Choosing not to make a big to-do of itself, this cottage blends in with its surroundings.
During snowy winters, the white interiors seamlessly blend with the home’s exterior. Berlin, Germany.
These temporary residences are prefabricated on the mainland before reaching their destination to ensure minimal impact...
The geometric framing lining the interiors echoes the facade's asymmetrical shape. Easter Island, Chile.
A wooden home nestled amongst a cluster of Japanese larch trees offers a perfect sanctuary from nearby Tokyo.
Every piece of the structure is crafted by local builders, according to traditional Japanese construction methods.
Updating the A-frame of yore, this home’s liberal use of windows makes the most of panoramic views spanning two valleys.

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