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Roche Bobois Celebrates 50 Years


French luxury furniture retailer Roche Bobois turned 50 this year, celebrating this milestone with a retrospective at their Madison Avenue showroom. Evident through the timeline of chairs, sofas, tables, and shelves is an enduring creative and playful spirit. Says CEO Gilles Bonan, “It was there since the beginning and it’s part of our DNA.” The company has partnered with many well-known designers including Eero Aarnio, Hans Hopfer, and Mario Bellini, and

“Bobois” translated to “beautiful wood,” is evident in the precise mortise and tenon joinery of Stephane Lebrun’s…
Olivier Mourge’s 1965 Djinn chair was used in the set design for Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”
The company marketed Eero Aarnio’s 1966 Ball Chair as a meditative “room within a room.”
Pastilli Armchair, Eero Aarnio, 1968.
Imagine Sofa, Hans Hopfer, 1990.
Nuage Armchair, R. Tapinassi and M. Manzoni, 2005.
The solid oak Legend Bookcase, created by agronomist-turned-designer Christophe Delcourt in 2006, is an abstraction of…
Cute Cut coffee table, Cederic Ragot, 2006.
The Flap Bookcase, designed by René Bouchara in 2007, features articulated flaps that can be rotated at will to create…
Chabada Chairs, Daniel Rode, 2008.
Playing with the scale of pixels is a specialty of Spanish-born designer Cristian Zuzunaga, and the diminutive digital…
Designers El-Oulhani, Garzon, and Sionis were inspired by the architectural work of bees, and translated the structure…
Quadrifoglio Floorlamp, Sophie Larger, 2009.
Rythme Sofa, fabrics by Missoni Home, 2009.
The metal legs of the Axiome Sofa pay subtle homage to Jean Prouvé. Designed by M. Tapinassi and M. Manzoni, 2009.
Cancan Floorlamp, Jean-Marc Gady, 2009.
Part of Roche Bobois eco-themed design, the Saga Sideboard—designed by Christophe Delcourt in 2009—features a cross…
Mah Jong Couture Sofa, designed by Hans Hopfer and dressed by Jean Paul Gautier, 2010.
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