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Reading List: Demolished Paul Rudolph Homes


Photographer Chris Mottalini pays homage to Paul Rudolph's architectural legacy by documenting his almost-demolished homes—and reminding us what we can't get back.

For his recently published book with Columbia College Chicago Press, photographer Chris Mottalini documented the...
Mottalini points out the likely De Stijl influence on this home, which Rudolph designed for Dr. Louis Micheels, an...
Built-ins and an open stair characterize the interiors of the 1972 Micheels residence by Paul Rudolph, which was torn...
The exterior of the house is clad in stucco studded with arctic quartz gravel. Photo by Chris Mottalini.
The 1956 Cerrito House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, was built in 1956 and demolished in 2007.
An example of Rudolph's trademark sun shades on the facade. Photo by Chris Mottalini.
The Cerritos sold the house in 1969, and it eventually fell into repair with its next owners.
The Twitchell House in Siesta Key, Florida, was built in 1941 for Rudolph's boss, architect Ralph Twitchell.
The house was located approximately fifty feet from the Gulf of Mexico, which resulted in "substantial weather- and...
Twitchell was said to have hosted raucous parties in the main room of the house.
However, nothing new has been built on the site yet. "It's as if the house never existed," writes Mottalini.