Prefabs Assembled in 6 Weeks or Less

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A house built in weeks, days, or even hours? Count down six of the fastest builds in Dwell history.

Modern home with Outdoor, Boulders, Trees, Small Patio, Porch, Deck, Back Yard, Wood Patio, Porch, Deck, Metal Patio, Porch, Deck, and Desert. The Blue Sky prototype house leads a second life as desert getaway for David McAdam and his partner Scott Smith. Photo  of Prefabs Assembled in 6 Weeks or LessView Photos

Six Weeks: This 1,000-square-foot steel-framed weekend retreat outside of Joshua Tree is a "hybrid prefab" prototype fabricated in a factory but assembled onsite. This home was built in eight weeks for $325 per square foot, but the process has taught its builders to complete future projects in about six weeks for $265 a square foot.

A new residential building in upper Manhattan, dubbed The Stack and designed by the architecture firm Gluck+, employed offsite prefabrication methods to create a high-quality, affordable housing solution that was raised onsite in only 19 days. Photo  of Prefabs Assembled in 6 Weeks or Less modern homeView Photos

19 Days: New York City's tallest prefab added 28 affordable housing units to an infill site in just 19 days by combining a number of factory-made modules into a variety apartment configurations.

Modern home with Exterior, House, Prefab Building Type, Shed Building Type, Gable RoofLine, and Wood Siding Material. Girodo describes LEAPfactory’s architecture as being “molded according to the needs and stresses imposed by context.” In this setting, strong winds and snow loads are serious concerns. The shell’s composite sandwich panels and aluminum shingles ensure that the school can withstand the elements. Photo  of Prefabs Assembled in 6 Weeks or LessView Photos

10 Days: Architect Stefano Girodo designed this “completely prefabricated and modular structure” to ensure easy mechanical assembly on site. As a result, the building, which houses a ski school, was completed using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials in just 10 days.

Modern home with Living Room and Medium Hardwood Floor. The client, a life-long practitioner of yoga, was tired of the drab, enclosed yoga studios he usually used. Instead, he desired a beautiful space that connected to the outdoors. Thanks to its views and simple interior finish, the client described it as supremely tranquil and a warm ‘womb-like’ environment. Photo  of Prefabs Assembled in 6 Weeks or LessView Photos

10 Days: At just 100 square feet, tiny Bunkie prefab structures don’t require permits for construction and can be assembled in just a week and a half.

Modern home with Exterior, House, Wood Siding Material, Gable RoofLine, and Prefab Building Type. The homes are painted wood, and include a shaded deck space, plus full insulation and electricity, for a price of about $29,000. Photo  of Prefabs Assembled in 6 Weeks or LessView Photos

2 Days: Swedish architect Jonas Wagell created a 160-square-foot cabin called the Mini House 2.0, which comes flat-packed and can be built in just two days. The painted-wood home can be configured into a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living space, plus a shaded deck—all for just $29,000.

Modern home with Exterior, House, Prefab Building Type, and Glass Siding Material. A self-learning heating and power system inside the home utilizes a series of radio sensors inside and outside, as well as on the home's electric cars, to constantly compare and learn, not only adjusting to temperature differences and behavioral patterns but forecasting them. If it's going to be warm tomorrow, the home will anticipate when to stop heating the home and divert the overflow to the Le Corbusier building.  Researchers at the University of Stuttgart studying the home have nearly nine months of data to work on, and after a family begins living in the home this spring, they'll be able to improve the system's performance with real-world data. Photo  of Prefabs Assembled in 6 Weeks or LessView Photos

1 Day: The Active House B10 is a prefab, glass-fronted box of a home built that can be built in a single day. The fully recyclable 970-square-foot building generates 200 percent of its energy needs thanks to a photovoltaic grid on the roof.

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