Collection by Diana Budds

Prefab Houses in Far-Flung Locations


We've corralled a collection of prefab homes located on precarious hillsides, atop mountains, in remote deserts, and next to pristine lakes to show the building method's versatility. Plus: a sneak peek of our upcoming special issue dedicated to prefab.

Set amongst the Washington woods, architect Peter Anderson explains that “the floating nature of the design would not…
The iT House offers cross-ventilation through its wide, expansive doors and windows, which naturally help cool down the…
The efficiency and aesthetics of prefab proved appealing to the owner of this Dwell Home, built on a rugged island off…
The structure is comprised of sheets of glass, a steel armature, and a wood shed that hugs the rear facade
Prefab house in Muskö, Sweden
Our Prefab Sourcebook—the definitive collection of prefab houses pulled from our pages—hits newsstands July 9. In…
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