Collection by Diana Budds

12 Porches Across America


A spot to foster conviviality with passersby, a place to perch a chair and enjoy the outdoors, a threshold between inside and out, and an informal living room for neighborhoods—the porch is arguably one of the more important elements of a house. As Jane Jacobs wrote in The Death and Life of Great American Cities, "The trust of a city street is formed over time from many, many little public sidewalk contacts...The absence of this trust is a disaster to a city street." Having this private public space serves communities just as much as residents. We pay homage to this architectural feature in the following slideshow.

Shawn Moseley helped design his new home in central Atlanta.
Sherman sits in front of his Prospect Heights home. The front door is made from etched Lexan bulletproof glass.
Before the Moumings built their house, they camped out on their six acres while preparing the land for farming,...
Porches are a beloved element of the Southern vernacular and lifestyle, traditionally serving as an extension of the...
Previously, the house had just a small screened-in porch as its only outside space, “unless you wanted to put plastic...
As the house is situated on a steep slope, visitors enter only to be whisked upstairs to the main living space.
The nineteenth-century structure is commonly known as a classic "Charleston single".
The homeowners were impressed by the way Salmela conflated the indoor/outdoor continuum.
Nicknamed the Floating Farmhouse, this 200-year-old home inspired one former copywriter to delve into architecture as a...
Dollahite’s house sits on a tree-lined block in the north Austin neighborhood of Hyde Park.
Shoup, his wife, Taya, and daughter, Hannah, relax on the deck off the kitchen with their dog, Stella.