Collection by Kelsey Keith

Passive Acceptance: 7 Energy-Efficient Homes


Passive heating and cooling are both cost-efficient measures that ease a new residence's burden on the earth. From super-green homes to certified Passive Houses, here are six great examples of the genre.

South-facing windows, bedrooms situated at each end of a simple gabled structure, and a sleeping loft maximize both...
Among the first Passive Houses in France, this bamboo-clad farmhouse by the Parisian firm Karawitz Architecture only...
A side view shows off the thermal-mass wall (to the left) and the stilt construction.
When building such a modest structure in a large landscape, designer and client often had to defend their vision to...
To manage costs, Yarinsky and Bernheimer kept things simple.
Unlike its next-door neighbor, R-House, TED wasn’t originally planned to meet the exacting Passive House standard.
Stucco walls, a galvanized-metal roof, and concrete floors all contribute to the passive design of the...