Collection by Zachary Edelson

Outdoor Showers We Love


Outdoor showers can easily be a simple affair: all you need is a shower head, a bit of privacy (when required), and the sky as your ceiling. Some of these homes embellish the experience while others stick to the basics.

The outdoor shower situated off of the master bedroom is enclosed to offer privacy and features a courtyard garden.
Once a classic trailer-park scheme of mint green and white, the exterior of Commune Images owner Sofie Howard’s...
The home’s exterior fittings, like the outdoor shower, offer modern comforts.
The shower offers a multisensory experience: the architect described how clients can take hot showers in the rain or...
After a day at the beach, an outdoor shower tucked toward the back of the house allows everyone to rinse off without...
An aluminum-and-glass door, chosen for its ability to handle exposure to water, leads from the bathroom to the outdoor...
The terrace—which spans the width of the tower—has dark wood decking and an outdoor shower.