Collection by Zachary Edelson

Outdoor Dining Areas We Love October 19, 2015


Fall may be in the air - at least in the Northeast - but there's still time to enjoy mother nature and a meal at the same time.

The first thing landscape designer Laura Cooper asked Devis and Purdy was to recall childhood gardens and outdoor play.
The Wibowo family spends most of their time together on the first floor.
In the dining area, a garage door opens up to the adjacent courtyard, thereby doubling the size of the space.
The family shares an alfresco lunch with Ikimau Ikimau, a friendly neighbor who helped build the house.
Kiyoko Loh relaxes inside a concrete structure, one of three original buildings that occupied the San Francisco...
A picnic table in a matching hue to the Stealth Barn rests between the two structures.
The residents, a family of three, spread out over the house's four bedrooms and two living areas.
Preservation Props Since the house is in a historic district, Beebe and Skidmore’s interventions were constrained by...
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