Collection by Laura C. Mallonee

One-of-a-Kind Glass Facade Gives Tasmanian House Unforgettable Views


An inventive Tasmanian abode maximizes views of the landscape.

As thrilling as travel may be, there’s nothing like returning to the familiar, private comfort of one’s own home. But what if you could enjoy the beauty of an exotic locale without ever leaving your living room? One aging husband and wife in Port Arthur, Tasmania, hold that rare privilege. Their recently constructed home, designed by Room 11 Architects, commands jaw-dropping views of rugged Tasman Island and the peaceful Southern Ocean beyond. “The clients were interested in consolidating the considerable potential of the site, specifically its spectacular scenery,” architect Nathan Crump says. The firm achieved this by installing floor-to-ceiling windows across the entire eastern length of the dwelling, offering a dreamy panorama of the Australian coast. The Lookout House, as the architect dubbed it, gives a whole new meaning to armchair travel.

Crump played with the traditional gable roof form common to Australian farmhouses and transformed it into something...
Constructing a largely timber house in a bush fire-prone landscape wasn’t easy.
The architect incorporated a central courtyard in the house, an unusual but intelligent design response for the region...
The home’s dramatic ceiling defines its interior, inviting a more understated approach to décor.
In the dining room, Hans Wegner Wishbone chairs sit snugly beneath a table custom-made of Celery Top Pine by Tasmanian...
A Shaker-inspired rocking chair by Hans Wegner exudes country charm in the corner of the living room.
Looking into the warm, brightly lit house at night offers a different kind of view, one that charmingly recalls the...
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