Collection by Aaron Britt

NHR Apartment by Gut Gut


In our March 2012 issue we toured this small Bratislava, Slovak Republic, apartment in the story True Value. Now we're having a look at another hip flat by the same firm, Gut Gut. This time the scale is a bit bigger—the renovated space is over 1,100 square-feet instead of just 516—but the smart, colorful, and cost-conscious approach is the same. So click through to see how this up-and-coming Slovakian firm recast the ground floor of an early-90s apartment building as a stylish and scrappy family home.

The real heart of the home is the open space made up by the kitchen and dining room.
Open shelving can cut both ways: Curate the air out of all your cool stuff and you're left with a gift shop, not a...
Architecture firm Gut Gut designed a modular shelving system out of plywood that gets repeated throughout the apartment.
The living room strikes more of a mid-century note with its Sunburst clock by George Nelson and an Eames molded plywood...
In this Bratislava apartment an Eames bird keeps watch over the record collection.
Part of the renovation was to create a new master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, which now exists in what was the...
Two small kids rooms sit next to one another on the other side of the kitchen from the master suite.
Being on the ground floor has its benefits—namely a bit of outdoor space.