Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

New from OXO


OXO has always been one of our favorite product companies: it has been at the forefront of universal design and seamlessly integrates function into the form of all its products. Here we spotlight some of our favorite new items from the company, some just recently on shelves and some you can look forward to seeing later this year.

Heat water the old-fashion way with the Uplift Tea Kettle, available now.
The stainless steel Box Grater, available in September, eliminates the need for multiple graters as well as the need...
Another space-saving grater is the new Two-Fold Grater, available in November.
There are so many compost bin designs out there but what makes the OXO Compost Bin great is its simplicity.
We long loved the POP containers from OXO. With one push they open and with another they create an airtight seal.
Mixing bowls are ubiquitous. These ones stand out with their small details.
Few things are more useful in the kitchen than a pair of kitchen scissors.
Later this year, OXO will introduce its new Tot Booster Seat.
Last but not least in our roundup is this stainless steel Spoon Rest.