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New and Upcoming Gadgets You'll Want in Your Kitchen


The kitchen of the future just arrived a few minutes ago, and it’s brought some pretty interesting new gadgets along with it. Here’s a list of 10 new and upcoming tools for kitchen use that you won't want to want to be without.

Aside from looking like a space age thistle, the Citrus Reamer is a tool that will let you get every drop of precious...
This innovation is one that should have occurred at approximately exactly the same time that the fork was invented.
It just seems like an oversight that refrigerators don't automatically come equipped with locks.
Soggy breakfast cereal is the worst. That’s not hyperbole; soggy cereal is literally the worst.
Downing a beverage from a cup made of solid ice just seems somehow godlike.
If you’re not a fan of sparkling water, this carbonated water dispensing refrigerator may not be for you.
iGrill is a meat thermometer that wirelessly communicates with your smart device.
Sour milk can really ruin a meal.
Electrolux's Laptop Kitchen features a touchscreen display, but the word is still out on how well that will work if...
If they could have just fit the word “quantum” into that title, we would have had the perfect sci-fi trifecta.