Collection by Bradford Shellhammer

Nathan Vincent's Locker Room


Artist Nathan Vincent, will be showing his new work at the Bellevue Arts Museum through June 26th. Vincent's work utilizes crochet and yarn to recreate many masculine objects in a new softer form. He's knitted taxidermy busts, urinals, guns, and tools. The exhibit at Bellevue, "The Mysterious Content of Softness" features 11 national and international artists including Nathan Vincent and Lauren DiCioccio, all working with fiber in various techniques: knitting, weaving, and crochet. Nathan's piece "Locker Room" is exactly what fans of the artist's work would expect. He's recreated a locker room entirely of yarn. Urinals, lockers, showers, and benches trade wood and metal for yarn and foam. Photos by Steven Miller.

Made entirely of yarn, Vincent's Locker Room is a life-size recreation of the high school gym experience.
Vincent's attention to details is even present in the stitched wood grain of his locker room benches.
Rows of lockers show details like combination locks, here seen in a myriad of colors and styles.
The communal shower also gets the knit treatment.
As does the the urinal, a design and shape one would never expect to see made from yarn.
The urinals are life-size.
And even details such as the drain are captured in the artist's work.
Difference in knit style help to show a difference in material in the finished piece, like here where porcelain is...
Shower heads and shower handles seem all too real.
When viewed up close.
Even a drainage cap does not get forgotten in Vincent's world.
The artist sitting in his Locker Room.