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More Modern on the Inside: Slab Apartment, Athens


Athens, Greece, the cradle of classical architecture, is home to this modern renovation of an 810-square-foot apartment. The pied-à-terre's location in Plaka, the historic neighborhood at the foot of the Acropolis, posed quite the challenge for the architects at K-Studio. They faced stringent oversight from the city's archaeology department, who had to place their seal of approval on all design and structural work. To that end, the Slab apartment is an enclave of contemporary simplicity within a neoclassical shell erected at the turn of the 19th century.

A stairway of white oak, oiled to impart a matte finish, leads into the apartment.
"Our contextual approach to individual projects seeks to produce unique architectural experiences," says architect...
The far wall with the bank of windows is curved—part of the building's original design.
A sliding partition separates the living room from the dining room.
Here's a view from the hallway of the closed partition. The hanging lights are from Vesoi.
Though compact, the kitchen and dining room still manage to fit a full-size table, which is from Habitat.
K-Studio sought to disguise much of the apartment's lighting and ventilation.
Two of Llot Llov's Matt pendants snake around Muuto wall hooks to provide bedside lighting.
The bathroom features a cast-concrete floor and shower by Gessi.
The sink is by Boffi and the toilet is by Flaminina.
The floor plan.

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