Collection by Allie Weiss

Modern Odes to Wood


Wood is a common flooring or furniture choice, but these modern projects express a deep appreciation for the material, putting it to use on walls, ceilings, and beyond.

The house that architect John Wardle designed for a couple in coastal Fairhaven, Australia, twists and bends to comply...
The cantilevered entry court assists with the reinforcement by securing the building’s weight seaward.
With its vertical wood slats, the garden fence helps unify the main house and the smaller shed.
In Sweden, architect Bengt Mattias Carlsson created a pavilion adjacent to a residence dating from the late 1800s.
An additional six weeks of construction were required on site to accommodate the large amount of decking and the...
Strips of white-oak flooring line the interior of the studio, created by designer Jeff Vincent and PATH Architecture.
Local carpenter Crisow von Schulz constructed the cabinets from a single elm tree.
The adjacent open kitchen is made of mahogany (to match the floors, ceilings, and walls), accented by a volcanic stone...