Collection by Zachary Edelson

Modern Luminous Clerestories


Dating back to Roman basilicas and their medieval cousins—cathedrals—clerestories capitalize on high walls to admit extra sunshine. In northern latitudes, the steep angle of light can be quite stunning, and any contemporary residence can benefit from extra illumination with no sacrifice of privacy.

The loft above the living room is Suresh's terrain, given over to toys, books, and a colorful Lego table.
The original rafters in the kitchen are exposed and topped with salvaged fir bleacher seating.
Supported by steel strips, the balcony extends outwards to meet the valley below.
A girl’s bedroom features a ceiling with wainscoting—an impactful way to enhance the space. Photo by Mariko Reed.
The clerestory windows were originally screens covered by sliding plywood panels that could be opened to allow in light...