Collection by Kelsey Keith

Modern House Numbers


Like doorknobs, mailboxes, and fencing, house numbers are crucial for broadcasting a home's essential modern-ness. Neutra is a guaranteed winner, font-wise, but consider a few other modern options.

Schatz and Eamon bought a small sheet of copper, cut out their house numbers, mixed and poured some concrete, and...
The communal entry has a large house number, 28 in the case of the Bouwmeester/Blokius family, to distinguish it from...
This is one of our favorite details of the Bent/Sliced house.
Architectural Numbers by Weston come in a range of font styles (41) and finishes (12).
Of course, Neutra numbers are a modern classic for a reason.
4-inch by 4-inch clay tiles from Heath Ceramics pay homage to the legendary Charles and Ray Eames.
The German hardware company designed these blocky "Signo" house numbers in a matte stainless steel.
Atlas Homewares recently updated its Avalon house numbers (by eliminating the prior version's front facing screws);...

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