Collection by Zachary Edelson

40+ Best Modern Courtyards


From a large gathering space for family or a tranquil sanctuary, these seven designs feature some very different takes on the ancient idea of a courtyard.

A single crepe myrtle, which sports red blossoms in summer, defines the courtyard.
With its expansive, geometric design and wide concrete-slab walkways, the enclosed central courtyard around which the...
Rusticated clay bricks form the home's unbroken façade, anchoring it to the site and creating the sense of “weight and...
Once past the main threshold, the house opens up to the outside, literally and figuratively.
The Heids incorporated mostly native plants into the courtyard, which Andrew designed as an ovoid decagon.
In the gravel-lined entry court shaded by a Japanese maple tree, furniture from Beall and Bell—an antique shop in...
“The new living area is now nestled between the rear garden and the new courtyard,” Ong says.
“When you enter the courtyard, you realize that you have left the forest and entered the house,” Hutchison says.
The open and airy courtyard and dining area encourages outdoor living.
Aaron and Yuka Ruell transformed a Portland ranch house into a retro-inspired family home with plenty of spaces—like...
The courtyard with its fire pit and infinity pond—extends the living area outdoors.
In the courtyard, the fence line climbs upward, drawing the eyes to the clouds.
In their concrete-walled courtyard, Yuka and Aaron watch as twins Emerson and Jasper, daughters Maude and Mirene, and...
“There was the challenge of how to build appropriately on such a sublime and pristine site,” explains Pejic.
Overnight, the project turned from a renovation into a full bore demolition. In its wake, a FEMA-compliant 5-bedroom, 3.
The Zen-inspired retreat is divided into two volumes, a private and communal wing.
An outdoor shower in the lower courtyard includes most of the materials that define the project, including Cor-Ten...
The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home forms a natural enclosure around a gravel courtyard, perfect for outdoor dining...
The courtyard is a secure space with a double-height window that offers seamless interior-exterior connection.