Collection by Zachary Edelson

Modern Courtyards We Love


From a large gathering space for family or a tranquil sanctuary, these seven designs feature some very different takes on the ancient idea of a courtyard.

The square fountain at the courtyard's center is a modern rendition of a very traditional feature in many Middle...
The home’s forms, which are masked by the cantilevered entrance, become apparent once one enters the central courtyard.
The rooftop courtyard is lined with a verdant mix of indigenous plants, including banana trees, palm trees, lion’s...
The architect incorporated a central courtyard in the house, an unusual but intelligent design response for the region...
The architects designed the rooms as a linear sequence wrapping around a central courtyard.
A small interior courtyard features a huge skylight and the sculpture Air-Port-City/Cloud-City/ 14-5-4 Cloud Modules 30...
The photographs are by Ruth Thorne-Thomsen.
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