Collection by Sara Ost

Modern Cantilevered Homes


Cantilevering is a frequent and defining feature of modernist architecture, perhaps most famously exemplified by Frank Lloyd Wright's 1935 masterpiece, Fallingwater. The following examples of homes with cantilevered design are selected as much for their power to stimulate the eye and mind as they are for their problem-solving functionality. Now that's modern.

Banks of windows and translucent panels help keep Casa Tuscania nice and airy.
Architect Peter Anderson explains that “the floating nature of the design would not have been possible with...
Here's a view of the steel and glass master bedroom as it cantilevers over the patio and yard.
Perched over a cliff face, the hooded deck of the Gambier Residence reads like a ship’s prow over Howe Sound, the...
Nicknamed the Floating Farmhouse, this 200-year-old home inspired one former copywriter to delve into architecture as a...
From his perch Dwares can enjoy a glass of wine while gazing at the ocean.