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Mobility and Technology


More and more, technology determines how we move. Whether we're behind the wheel of a car, perched on a bicycle seat, or hoofing it on foot, technology often makes the difference between a satisfying or infuriating trip. Techie tools and philosophical shifts, from in-car touch screens to vehicles with minds of their own, are elevating mobility to surprising heights. In the automotive sector, hybrid technology is evolving by leaps and bounds. As automotive editor and writer Paul Meyers said in our panel on the Future of Mobility during Modernism Week in Palm Springs, "Every manufacturer has a version of a hybrid, and full electric [cars] are making strides. People are working out the kinks." According to Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz of Volvo's Monitoring and Concept Center, hybrid plans were in place as early as 1992, but "the technology was not really there to create the product for the consumer." We look forward to seeing how this might translate to every other sector of mobility in the future.

Autonomous cars are being tested around the world, but Volvo has an even grander plan, once its technology has been...
Of course, with technological exploration comes risk; at least, perhaps, when volatile chemicals are involved.
Dwell Media recently joined Swedish luxury automobile manufacturer Volvo for Modernism Week in Palm Springs.
It was only a matter of time before the tech sector responded to all of the transit options available with mobile apps.
Autonomous vehicle technology extends beyond cars, however.
Retro-inspired bicycles may be of-the-moment, but the latest technologically sophisticated bikes are just as...
Car accidents and fatalities resulting from human error have led some to conclude that humans are simply unfit for...

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