Collection by Laura C. Mallonee

Minimal Apartment in Lisbon Divvied Up by Sliding Doors


Architect José Andrade Rocha recognized the beauty hidden in a historic flat.

Sometimes great potential hides beneath a home’s previous unflattering renovations. That was the case with the early-20th-century flat in the historic Lisbon neighbourhood of Mouraria that José Andrade Rocha recently remodeled. “It had lost its soul over the years,” the architect explains. He brought the 592-square-foot apartment back to life by restoring its original materials, strengthening its relationship with the street, and defining its public and private spaces.

“Using white allowed me to lighten up small interior spaces and at the same time respect the original colors of the...
The blue entry door packs a punch in the neutral living area, which is sparsely furnished with inexpensive pieces —...
Rocha says situating the flat’s social areas toward the street “enabled a certain traditional way of living...
The apartment’s minimalist aesthetic continues in the kitchen, where functional but sleek fixtures were installed.
The sliding door opens to reveal a square hallway.
When the sliding doors are left open, the rooms enter into a playful dialogue with each other, with the dark exterior...
Rocha replaced unsightly carpeting in the master bedroom with yellow ochre hydraulic tiles that harmonize with the...
White tiles — hydraulic ones on the floor and “biselado” (meaning “beveled”) ones on the walls — make for a tranquil...
A tiny wall nook holds books in the spare bedroom, where the original wood floors take the spotlight.
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