Collection by Alex Ronan

Marble Design: Over It, or Still in Love?


The material that's been around since ancient times isn't showing any signs of losing popularity. We take a look at seven modern designers that are making a strong case for the classic material.

Since Marble Basics creates small decorative items, they maintain an accessible price point despite an expensive...
Lee Broom’s Tube light is made from a singular piece of milled marble and a strip of LED bulbs, giving the illusion of...
The punnily titled On The Rock collection of glassware further exemplifies Lee Broom’s seamless merging of mixed...
In addition to finding new uses for marble, designers have also created stunning trompe l’oeil pieces, like this...
Instead of a traditional marble-topped table, Studio Macura has inverted expectation.
The interior of 2131’s Walnut and Marble Storage Cube is lined with Italian Calacatta Gold.
The Melt Bookcase by Thomas Sandell for Marsotto Edizioni gives the sturdy material an air of flexibility.
While often used for cheese trays, Aparentment’s Marbleous Fruit Ring offers a new way of serving fruit.