Collection by Zachary Edelson

Landscape Designs with Drought-Tolerant and Native Desert Plants


From succulents to cacti, these eight homes' surrounding landscapes can get by on little water.

Pavers and succulents in a yard in Malibu, California, help save water.
The cantilevered office space above the garage is also underlit with exterior lighting between the driveway and the...
High-gloss pots from Vondom contain drought-tolerant sedum.
On the other side of the fence—built to protect the property from flash floods—is a desert oasis with cactus-lined...
Lockyer added native desert plants to a courtyard near the garage.
For a project in Menlo Park, California, landscape architect Brennan Cox flanked pavers with drought-resistant Phormium...
Another water-saving project in Menlo Park includes a rock bed with succulents.
Sage Design Studios transformed the developer-flattened landscape into a picturesque desert setting with naturalistic...