Collection by Allie Weiss

Inspiring Tree Houses of Instagram


We're currently ruminating on small spaces of all configurations. But while small spaces often call to mind tiny urban apartments and compact cabins, how could we forget about another classic type of small space—the tree house? We took to Instagram for a dose of woodsy inspiration.

@treehousesapp: "A spherical treehouse, named Eryn @ Free Spirit Spheres. These spheres were designed to harmonize with…
@nelsontreehouse: "We spy a treehouse with some Japanese flair. Could it be a teahouse?"
@best_treehouses: "This is the 'bonbibi' treehouse which is one of the 9 treehouses of TreeHouse Point. They are in…
@thedailytreehouse: "Lovin' the color!"
@best_treehouses: "This treehouse in Sweden is called the Bird's Nest Treehouse! It was designed to look like a bird's…
@suitcasesandstrollers: "Cool #treehouse. Right in the canopy of the Swedish forest."
@treehouseculture: "After nine years it took Javi and I half a day to do a #treehouse adjustment on this #pagota I…
@hercegmedo: "In the beautiful country of Slovenia, there is a place like paradise, called Garden Village Bled, next to…
@treehousesapp: "If at first you don't have the perfect view, build a treehouse higher and higher"
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