Collection by Allie Weiss

Ingenious Storage Solutions


From disappearing shelves to under-stair solutions, these homes find clever ways to approach the perennial problem of storage.

The staircase features a minimalist design with maple treads and edges.
A sliding storage wall can be tucked aside to allow a seamless connection to the living and dining area.
Hynam built additional storage along one angled wall of the bedroom loft and beneath the skylight.
The architects designed the bamboo-plywood storage compartments above the hallway, bathroom, and bedroom closet.
An Eames Storage Unit helps to define distinct living and dining spaces.
Three deceptively simple shelves made of particleboard are the house's main structural elements.
Waechter designed the custom bookshelf, which Oakley uses to define distinct spaces for living and dining.
Bookshelves add extra utility to the undulating staircase in Tokyo's 921-square-foot Coil house.

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