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In the City by Nigel Peake


“I begin to know a city through its fragments, walking below tall buildings, along facades of signs, doors, and windows, crossing without knowing from one district to the next, down busy streets and empty ones—some more interesting than others, but all part of this thing we call the city,” writes Irish illustrator Nigel Peake in his new book, In the City (Princeton Architectural Press, 2013). Peake’s prismatic ink and watercolor drawings document and deconstruct the artist’s observations of and musings on metropolises like Shanghai, New York, London, and Paris.

In this image from In the City, illustrator Nigel Peake deciphers skyscrapers as an amalgam of “tall glass and steel...
In the City, a new book published by the Princeton Architectural Press, is now available.
"This book of work has been drawn from various visits to places, from the things that I see, the things that I find odd...
Here, Peake illustrates a glass facade.
This image of a skyscraper appears in the surfaces chapter.
The book features drawings made from pencil, ink, and watercolor. This one appears in the "change" section.
A bird's-eye view of a rooftop from In the City (Princeton Architectural Press, 2013).