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How to Design with Blue


Blue: the color that helped catapult the careers of artist Yves Klein and musician Miles Davis, the most-prized and most-expensive hue in the Renaissance. We also think it makes for striking design accents, from vibrant cobalts to soothing navys. Click through the slideshow to see inventive applications of the color.

In the upper-level bathroom, tiles painstakingly fired by DeSimio cover the walls and ceiling.
In the farmhouse architect Lucy Marston built for her family in Suffolk, England, she balanced off-the-shelf pieces,...
The pencil-themed desk and stool are by Pierre Sala.
In the bathroom and throughout the apartment, Ryan kept lines as pure as possible by designing built-in storage alcoves.
Don preferred closed cabinets for his kitchen but Dennis didn’t want doors swinging out.
Because the original kitchen had been removed, Alexandra made the decision to widen the gallery-style room by ten...
Simple wall-mounted strip lighting, seen here in the cloakroom, is used throughout the house.
“In contemporary construction you have a layered approach to materials," says Lisa Moffitt.
Dieter Rams’s modular 620 Chair Programme, from the 1960s, takes center stage in the Alford-Young family’s living room.
Inside the house, a relatively new Rais wood-burning stove is next to a Risom Rocker from Design Within Reach, a 2009...
Paul cruises by Metropolitan pieces by B&B Italia in the living room of the main house.
Furniture with emphasized linear elements helps prevent the appearance of clutter in small spaces.
The front of the 1910 house belies the modern extension architects Doug...
In keeping with Hayon’s goal of creating a serene and airy home, the master bedroom and sticks to a mostly neutral...
"We wanted something lively for the house, something spectacular but not vulgar," says Bériault of the blue hue of the...

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