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How 3D Printing Can Change Design and Manufacturing for Everyday People


3D printing has the potential to drastically reduce our environmental impact: thanks to the web, 3D printed designs can be shared globally but fabricated locally for specific consumers. This slashes overproduction and the carbon footprint of long-distance shipping. As a perfect example of this: 3D Hubs, a company that connects everyday people with 3D printed designs and local 3D printing services, recently unveiled these sculptural accessories for an eco-friendly smartphone.

The eco-friendly phone in question is the Fairphone: produced by an Amsterdam-based organization, it's made with metals...
Nguyen produced two 3D-printed designs: a Nightstand and and Amplifier, the latter of which was inspired by the...
To get your own Nightstand or Amplifier—or a 3D printed Fairphone case—just visit 3D Hubs to browse 3D print files and...
For a wider selection of 3D printed items, and to see what 3D printers are near you, just check out 3D Hub's main...
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