Collection by Winifred Bird

House Vision Exhibit Tokyo


What should Japan’s homes of the future look like? A few years ago, designer Kenya Hara posed that question to a group of Japanese architects and companies. The result is the House Vision exhibition, open through March 24 in Tokyo. Toyo Ito, Shigeru Ban, and Sou Fujimoto were big names in architecture participating; a carmaker, a bookstore magnate, a forestry company, and other eclectic industries joined in, as well. Here’s what they had to share.

Architect Kengo Kuma designed the exhibition, which includes a full-scale model house by each of six...
Shigeru Ban teamed up with retailer MUJI—famous for its super-simple designs—to create this “House of...
Storage units like this one stand in as walls and structural support—no posts or beams needed.
There are bookshelves, closets, and cabinets galore in the pared-down, boxy home.
Legless kitchen island by Shigeru Ban, MUJI chairs by Naoto Fuksawa.
Artist Hiroshi Sugimoto collaborated with Sumitomo Forestry on this elegant interior.
“I’m an unlicensed architect,” Sugimoto joked on a tour through the model house.
He designed the retro-modern chairs, too.
The fence is made from bamboo brooms. Why? “They’re cheap and ready-made,” Sugimoto said.
The “Edited House” was dreamed up by Tsutaya Books together with architects Masataka Baba, Atsumi Hayashi, and Hiroya...
Residents would strip their condo or house down to its skeleton, then add new features from the real estate agent’s...
Sou Fujimoto collaborated with Honda on this high-tech home that integrates energy generation systems with the living...
Toyo Ito’s semi-outdoor space—a collaboration with building-material company LIXIL—lets in light and air but keeps out...
Japan, birthplace of the Washlet, continues to forge new ground in toilet design.