Collection by David Glenn

Home Decorations You Can Print


If you’re like most homeowners, both the fun and challenge of home decorating is searching for just the right items to update or freshen the look of your home. Imagine what it would be like if you could create your own custom home decorations simply by pressing a button. Thanks to 3D printing technology, aka “additive manufacturing”, it’s now possible to design your own home decorations and bring them to life. What follows is a look at seven types of items you can create to accent your home, using a 3D printer and your own imagination.

Light Fixtures—Create stunning, unique, and intricate light fixtures using a 3D printer.
Vases, Planters and Faux Plants—Looking for the perfect holder for your plants or flowers? Create your own with a 3D...
Ceiling or Wall Hangings—When it comes to creating just the right ambiance for your favorite room, wall and ceiling...
Picture Frames—You go out of your way to find just the right art for your home.
Decorative Furnishings—Looking for just the right chair to set off that living room corner? There are a number of open...
Statues or Sculptures—With so many materials available for 3D printing, you can create your own unique statues,...
Candleholders and Centerpieces—Nothing completes the focus of a dining room table like the perfect centerpiece.