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Hollywood Renovation: Week 9


This week the plan was to transform the back garden into a lush California native garden inspired in part by Maui, where we just returned from vacation. However, it has been raining almost every day since we returned, making it impossible to work outside. Finally today there was a break in the rain and so this week’s blog covers our ideas for the back garden. Our goal was to source the materials locally and plant everything in one day. Of course, we would love to walk outside and find the same natural world that we discovered in almost every corner in Maui, where each tree and plant seemed to be a perfect specimen. However, we're in drought-prone Los Angeles, and a large cedar and another tree dominate the back yard, making the space underneath shady most of the time. So we looked to the forests to find solutions.

In this exclusive series for, Linda Taalman of Taalman Koch Architecture tracks the hands-on renovation of her and her partner's live-work space in Hollywood, California. Week 9: Tackling the garden.

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