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Hollywood Renovation: Week 6


In this exclusive series for, Linda Taalman of Taalman Koch Architecture tracks the hands-on renovation of her and her partner's live-work space in Hollywood, California. Week 6: Re-evaluating the kitchen.

Our kitchen is a super performing space—a multi-functioning space for live and work that is constantly in use and on display. Here's how we make it work to its maximum potential.

To see images of the project, please visit the slideshow. Click here to read past installments of the series.

When we first moved here, the kitchen was already established as a U-shaped counter that extended the original Craig...
Since moving west we have designed a lot of kitchens, and I really love to use basic materials, like marble and wood.
Our pot rack, espresso machine, cookbooks and jarred ingredients make the kitchen part lab, part library.
Even though space is at a premium, I believe a good part of the space should be left for interesting forms and found...
I love my under-counter recycling bin from IKEA.
We relined the existing kitchen shelves and drawers with cork sheet material from Linoleum City.
This is the baking drawer.
An entire cabinet of the kitchen is dedicated to art materials for our daughter, all arranged for her to reach.
Here is our daughter and her friend choosing their supplies to make cards.
This is our favorite recent improvement: a water filter faucet.
When we installed the Body Glove water filter, we finally got rid of our big Brita that hogged up counter space.
Here's a close-up of the Body Glove 3000 water filter.
The eight people in our office drink a lot of water everyday, so we pre-bottle our own water so it's ready to go. Also...
Other kitchen essentials: a good cutting board, a good knife, and a healthy supply of lemons.
Our oven is also a toaster.
I have an 'import/export' policy: it's necessary to get rid of something if you bring in something new.
Here's another view of our organized, highly functional kitchen.

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