Collection by Diana Budds

'Grant Mudford: Building' at Woodbury University


Grant Mudford is the 2014 winner of the Julius Shulman Award for Excellence in Photography. To celebrate the Australian photographer's prolific body of work—which ranges from architectural to abstract photography—Woodbury University's WUHO gallery is hosting an exhibition called Grant Mudford: Building from April 3 to 27. Curated by Michael Duncan, the show will focus on shots taken in Los Angeles in the 1970s.

Australian photographer Grant Mudford.
Grant Mudford, Los Angeles.
Grant Mudford, Los Angeles.
Grant Mudford, El Paso, Texas.
Grant Mudford, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Grant Mudford, Phillips Exeter Academy Library by Louis Kahn.
Grant Mudford, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Grant Mudford, New York City.
Grant Mudford, Pasadena, California.
Grant Mudford, Dallas, Texas.
A Craig Ellwood house photographed by Grant Mudford.