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Go West: DOD Westside Home Tour


June gloom greeted the Dwell on Design tourists early Saturday morning, but that didn’t damper their enthusiasm to get up close and personal with six residences in Dwell on Design’s self-guided Westside Home Tour. From Venice to Baldwin Hills, every home was a ravishing rendition of thoughtful modern living. Though interpreted in uniquely personal ways, modern life through the lens of these six homes was a common pursuit for a welcoming atmosphere that blurred the inside with outside and made full use of the California’s (almost) eternal sunshine. Here are few glimpses of the homes we toured last weekend.

Surprise and color are the order of the day at Appleton Living by architects Tryggvi Thorsteinsson and Erla...
The front door is an awe-inspiring 14-foot mixed wood creation made by L.A. custom door fabricators Real Door Inc.
The 4,500-square-foot, six-bedroom, two-story home has multiple living areas rendered in a neutral color palette and...
Wood and wood panels can be seen from the floors to the walls, which adds warmth and intimacy to home.
The office is hidden behind the first living area, completely removed from a visitor’s field of vision.
Minarc intentionally used materials commonly used in industrial settings and declined to paint over it. Their strategy...
The Appleton home also showcases a beautiful outdoor area complete with pool, seating, living area and play area, which...
This home was moved into almost two years ago, but shows little wear.
Once inside, the living area sits on the left while the media center is on the right.
Windows create a lot of the drama in the Rose House.
Almost every room fills with light, says the owner.
The windows in the Master Bath open directly onto the balcony facing the street.
The Tatami home has a very closed concrete exterior that reflects the sensibilities of its ultra-private Japanese...
The residence was designed according to the proportions of the Tatami mat, a "golden ratio" of Japanese culture, says...
The interior of the home is evidence of its meticulous owners.
The residents' office was similarly well-organized.
Kurath stayed away from any customization, preferring to purchase off the shelf products to lower the cost of building...
The windows turn into doors with a twist of the handle, a standard design in Switzerland says the docent.
The central courtyard is undoubtedly the star of the show.
The Sunlight House is a welcome addition the sleepy Baldwin Hills neighborhood that doesn’t usually see new...

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